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PPX20 / PPX(S)20

transpalette électrique CLARK Yvelines 78 - transpalette PPX20 / PPX(S)20 - transpalette Essone 91 - transpalette Hauts de Seine

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Electric Low Lift Trucks PPX20 / PPX(S)20
The CLARK low lift pallet trucks PX20 and PPX(S)20 are robust value asset low lift trucks for industrial applications. These trucks are constructed following the Built To Last® principle.

Whether for loading and unloading lorries or the transportation of heaving materials in a warehouse environment, the CLARK storage technology is designed for tough applications. These trucks can be fitted with batteries up to 375Ah. The side battery removal system allows for multiple shift rotation applications.


All operation functions for lifting, lowering and driving are positioned in an ergonomic safety tiller handle with easy to reach switches. This allows the operator to concentrate solely on the conveyance process.

With the tiller arm in the vertical position, by using an optional switch the truck can be used for manoeuvring in confined spaces.


The PX20/PPX(S)20 range is the result of CLARK‘s rich history as a developer and manufacturer of robust, reliable and long-lasting forklifts following the Built To Last® principle.

For the construction of the PX/PPX(S) range, CLARK used proven component materials and a sound build to ensure a long useful life, high performance and safety.

Battery compartment and Charging Technology

The robust mono-piece frames are available in different configurations. Three different battery compartment sizes are available for the PX20:

  • Battery compartment (small) for 150Ah
  • Battery compartment (medium) for 250Ah
  • Battery compartment (large) for 375Ah

Even more flexible usage with optional integrated charger for the PX20 using a standard power socket.

The side battery removal option is also available in combination with a large battery compartment.

The PPX(S)20 range has two available battery size compartments:

  • Battery compartment (standard) for 225Ah or 250Ah
  • Battery compartment (large) for 375Ah

The side battery removal option is also available for the PPX(S)20 for both battery size compartments.

Optional PIN Code Activation (PX20)

With a four-digit PIN, the PX20 can be activated without an ignition key. Programmable automatic shutdown function also prevents unauthorised usage.

Driving characteristics such as acceleration, maximum speed or braking response can be set individually for each PIN code (up to 25 PIN codes can be saved with different driving parameters) and allows the PX20 to be adapted to the most diverse requirements.

Operator Platform

The foldable operator platform, an optional extra for the PX20 and standard for the PPX(S)20 increases both safety and comfort.

The platform has a heavy duty textured and non-slip surface and provides optimum comfort and additional suspension. The low level standing height makes it easy to get on and off the unit during operation.

If the driver steps off the platform, the unit automatically switches to standby mode and the unit can no longer be operated.

General Data

The CLARK PX range includes three low lift truck models. The PX20 which is an extremely robust low lift truck has a maximum speed of 6 km/h. As an option it comes with an extra operator platform. The PPX20 model with a maximum speed of 8.5 km/h and the PPXS20 12km/h are equipped with power steering and an operator platform as standard. The CLARK PX range has been designed for the most demanding applications over long transportation distances. The platforms can be manually folded to increase manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

Performance & Safety

  • Powerful acceleration with AC technology.
  • Battery capacity up to 375Ah.
  • Automatic stop on gradients and ramps (automatic parking brake).
  • Automatic braking when the tiller handle is released.
  • Ergonomic safety tiller arm.
  • Side battery removal allows for multiple shift rotation applications. (Option for the PX20 only with a large battery compartment)

Reliability & Servicing

  • Error code display in display.
  • Reliable AC controller.
  • One piece front cover for easy access during service and maintenance work.
  • Steel fabricated battery cover (PX20).

Safety & Ergonomics

  • Electronic power steering (PPXS20).
  • Pedestrian mode 4 km/h travel speed with folded platform and folded side safety guards (PPX(S)20).
  • Sensitive drive switch for safe and precise work.
  • Suspension support wheel for greater stability (PX20).
  • Tiller head integrated drive and operating switches with easy reach positions.
  • Clearly positioned battery discharge indicator.
  • Sloped battery cover for optimum fork view (PX20).
  • Tiller handle crawl speed function (option PX20).
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